About us

We are Daque. A team of two undergraduate students formed in mid-2018.

Our real names are David and Miguel. Our usernames, davidomarf and quevangel. You see where Daque comes from? Pretty original, isn’t it?

We are both studying Computer Engineering at the Instituto Politécnico Nacional, in Mexico.

We met by some friends in common and we started to talk about programming. We were casual friends until we started to know a little bit more about the works of each other. Then we decided that we wanted to develop something together.

After several talks and chats, we set the idea of what would later be ViaRE.

Originally, we planned to write a game that would let you see the interactions between countries, and inside countries. Between cities, and inside cities. Between people, and inside people. And then, just appreciate how those interactions gave birth to order, patterns, and structures.

When we began the actual development stage, we started to focus on more and more tiny details —we are both somewhat of perfectionsts—, and we are constantly changing what ViaRE will be —always for the better, that’s for sure—.

So, at the moment, we are not even close to what we imagine, but we are slowly building something that we both love. 🙂

Until then, we were David and Miguel working together. But in the following months we saw that we could make some other projects together. That, and the self—imposed pressure to follow some industry best practices and standards, made us create a GitLab group under the name Daque.

Ever since, we are officially Daque. And Daque is not just a development team, it’s a great friendship.

As we believe in open source, all our code is licensed under the MIT License, and you can find it in our profiles at GitHub and GitLab.

To get in touch, send us an email at [email protected].